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F&B 01Background: Fred and Barbara Grigg

Fred and Barbara have developed an incredibly wide knowledge of world religions, the cults, the occult and heresy. They have a reputation of being tenacious in their desire to stand and be counted when it comes to the Christian Faith! Fred began serious studies in religion at the age of 16. This was due to his then Church of England minister [Anglican] telling him that the Bible, “was something that only men like myself, who had been to theological college, could understand”! Some days later, he was to purchase a book entitled, ‘The World’s Religions’! This began a study that continues to this day! In keeping with this line of study he was awarded a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree (BR.Ed) – majoring in Christian Apologetics – from Jubilee International Bible College, Brisbane, Australia in 1988. In August 2006 he received his Doctorate of Divinity Degree [D.D.] from Master’s International School of Divinity, Indiana USA.

Fred and Barbara were both members of the Church of England (now Anglican Church) when they met and were both Communicant Members, attending two separate churches in the same diocese. Barbara worked in the accounts department of the former well-known Sydney department store, Walton-Sears as an accounting machine operator. Fred worked for then giant international electrical firm of Siemens-Edison-Swan. It was a job he did not enjoy as he really wanted to be a member of the Royal Australian Air Force [RAAF] and he was just biding his time until he could.

The Pre-RAAF Period: In early 1955, Fred’s final year at high school, during which he wanted to enlist in the RAAF as an apprentice, but his Father opposed the 15 year period of enlistment – 3 years apprenticeship and 12 years service. In August 1968, unknown to his Father, he completed all the tests and was accepted by the RAAF as an Adult Trainee. However, because he was still under 21 years-of-age, legally he needed his Father’s signature of approval – again he refused! Shortly before all this, Fred and Barbara began keeping company. [A relationship that has now stood the test of time, as they have been married for 53 years!] When Fred notified the RAAF of his dilemma, they told him that he could take the matter to court, as many had done so in the past. There he could obtain a legal ruling to allow him to enlist. However, it was Barbara who persuaded him to keep the peace and to wait until he obtained his majority at 21, and then enlist. However, in January of 1961, his Father realised that Fred could and would enlist in July of that year, without needing his approval, he relented and signed the papers, even though Fred was a married man at the time! He eventually received his call up early in 1961.

Recruit Training: This was completed at Wagga Wagga, NSW. Then he was posted to RAAF School of Radio, Laverton, Victoria for further training. However, there was problem as there was an unknown waiting period for sufficient numbers to start a course. So, after several months he was able to remuster and returned to Wagga to train at the RAAF School of Administration. He graduated in February 1961 and was posted to No 2 Stores Depot in Sydney where he was involved in all aspects of supply, warehousing and logistics. [Note: One of the subjects the course required was to learn to touch-type at a minimum speed of 35 words per minute after corrections – he passed at 42 WPM! The only time he touched a typewriter in the service, was during his time at Ubon in Thailand. For many years he regarded his learning to type as being a waste of time – until the introduction of the electric typewriter and then the home computer! This ability enabled him to complete his formal studies more quickly. Then, when the Internet came along he logged on in 1993 and now allows his writings and that of others to reach a worldwide audience!


Overseas Service in Thailand: As stated above, in late April 1963 he was detached to RAAF Base Squadron, Ubon, Thailand. It was located on the Laotian Border (about 300 miles East of Bangkok). He served there until October 1963 in support of the RAAF’s No 79 Squadron and it’s Sabre Jet Fighters. They were operating as a deterrent to Communist activities in the region. In time, it was the early days of the Vietnam War! This was his first involvement in that war. Whilst in Thailand he gained insights into the Buddhist religion through friendship with the eldest son of a local Thai family. Their eldest son was Thongindra Pongsai. He was a physician in charge of the province’s Leprosy Control Project for the WHO. At that time there were five leper colonies for which he was responsible. Along with three friends, Fred spent time visiting Bhuddist Temples and discussing the religion with the monks. Whilst serving in SE Asia he became familiar with the religion of Islam.

‘Flying a Desk’ at HQSC: Soon after returning from Thailand, Fred was posted to RAAF Headquarters Support Command, Melbourne. For two years he was involved in the conversion of the entire RAAF Stores Catalogue Numbering System into the NATO Stock Numbering System. This was the RAAF’s first computer take-up of their entire stores. He was promoted to corporal in November 1965 and posted to No 2 Aircraft Depot at Richmond, NSW, where he was NCO in charge of the Depot’s Tool Store. He was involved in the purchasing of tools, hydraulic spares, consumables etc. In August 1965 he applied for, and was accepted, for aircrew training as a Loadmaster on the C130A Hercules Transport Aircraft of No 36 Squadron.

Earning His Wings: Fred flew with the Squadron until his discharge in November 1968. In his time, he became the assistant to the Loadmaster trainer. He took over the responsibility when his boss was critically injured in a car accident. In his time his flights spanned Australia (with the exception of Tasmania!). He crewed on flights to New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand and South Vietnam. In each of these countries he observed first-hand, and spoke in-depth, with members of many different religions and learned about and observed, in many instances, their occult activities.

During all this time, Barbara was keeping the home fires burning! She was a good mother to what was to become a family of eight children – five girls and three boys! All are now married and each has made a profession of the Christian Faith. Barbara is now enjoying being Grandmother to twenty-two and a Great Grandmother to two!

His frequent involvement in supporting Australian Troops in the Vietnam War – flying in reinforcement troops and equipment, which flights on return became MEDEVAC Flights back to Australia with the wounded and dead, began to take its toll on him. He was involved in flights to several other SE Asian conflicts in which Australia was involved at that time. The constant flow of the human wreckage of war, coupled with the polarising of his own family over the War began to trouble him. The Australian society was severely divided over the Nation’s involvement in the war. There were huge protests and Moratorium Marches in the Capital Cities and the media was extremely graphic in their depiction and criticism of our being involved in the war. All this opposition and his actually experiences in being there, caused him a great deal of personal distress. Being taken to task by other family members didn’t help!

The Undoing: In February 1968, his aircraft was operating a scheduled ‘milk run’ to Phan-Rhang (where our Canberra bombers were based) in South Vietnam. On their arrival, his aircraft and crew, were immediately seconded to the USAF to fly village evacuation into Cam-Ranh Bay. This was during what is now known as “The TET Offensive”. It was a major thrust by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army to try to over-run the whole country, but was it defeated. For the first time he saw for himself what man’s inhumanity to man could do! Seeing the fear of death on the faces of ordinary Vietnamese men, women and children who ran to board his aircraft (with no passenger seating) and not really knowing where they were going – but knowing that if they stayed in their village, they would be dead before the day’s end! Sadly, when the country was over-run in 1975, probably many of those we saved during TET possibly lost their lives anyway! It was during this assignment that Fred lost whatever faith he had in God, his country and his fellow-man!

The Politics of the War: Later in the year, Fred was assigned to crew the aircraft tasked to support the controversial visit to Australia of the then US President, Lyndon B. Johnson. It was this visit which caused massive demonstrations of protest in our cities against the War. Johnson’s visit resulted in multitudes rioting in the streets on a scale which our nation had never seen before, nor since! People lay in protest on the road in front of Johnson’s cavalcade of vehicles! His assignment was to carry the two main vehicles that the president and his minders rode in from city to city. The drivers spent the flight time cleaning the cars of the eggs, tomatoes and other things thrown at the vehicles by the protestors!

Physical and Mental Breakdown: Many years after his resigning from the RAAF, Fred was eventually diagnosed as suffering from several medical conditions, which were directly attributable to his RAAF service. Today, Fred and Barbara are still serving the Lord and Fred now has time to write and research as both time and health permits. He is very well aware that none of what he has achieved over the intervening years could ever have come to pass without Barbara’s continuing love and very real support.


The foregoing involvements and experiences in war literally had the effect of ‘setting up’ both Fred and Barbara to accept the false gospel’ (the word ‘gospel’ means ‘good news’) of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW’s) whose ‘backing’ organisation is ‘The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society’. It was the issue of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War which was raised by the JW’s which aroused Fred’s interest in their ‘anti-war’ stance. They spoke about their total opposition to all involvement in war. They said that ‘war was wrong’ which was something which Fred had come to so desperately want for someone in authority to tell him. He was susceptible because all of the authority figures in his life – family, friends, ministers, chaplains etc, were all supportive of the war! For Fred they had lost all credibility as far as he was concerned and all he received no help from them ! Although, as the war continued to take its dreadful toll over the years, many were to change their stance.

Joining a Cult: One has to admit that the JW’s and members of similar religious groups do seem to speak with authority – but, as research has proven, only on their pet subjects! Sadly, Fred and Barbara went on to become baptised JW’s and were to spend the next ten (10) years of their lives under their influence! This was at the expense of all else, until they finally realised they could take no more of their legalism and control, not to mention their history of false prophecies over the years! They tried to resign in early 1978.

The JW Past Comes to Light: Barbara had resisted joining the JW’s at first but was eventually persuaded by some very strong JW women that their “Way” was right. Fred’s war-caused illnesses at that time prevented him from being up to investigating the roots of the JW’s as perhaps he should. Gradually, as Fred uncovered many of the Watchtower Society’s deceptions since their beginning, he became unsettled in his commitment. As he discovered the many false dates they have proclaimed for the ‘end of the world’ to occur and the changes of their doctrine over the years, he began to realise that there was too much error to ignore. Not wanting to be hypocritical, he resigned from his positions of responsibility in 1973 – just 2 years before the last failed date of the Witnesses for the Battle of Armageddon – or, the end of the world as we know it, in October 14/15th 1975!

To leave their organisation just before that time, in the minds of many of his JW ‘friends’ was absolutely foolish! For his action he was severely ostracised by the elders and so-called friends. Fred held several leadership positions at the JW Congregation Level, including that of Accounts Servant (treasurer) Theocratic Ministry School Servant where he was teaching the JW’s public speaking and how to conduct their conversations at the door of the unsuspecting! He was a guest speaker for other Congregations, and spoke at both Circuit and District Conventions. He also worked on special projects with the Watchtower Society’s Australian HQ staff, which was then based at Strathfield, Sydney.

Set Free in Christ: However, it was on Easter Sunday 1978 that Fred realised that as result of his continuing research into the ‘mysterious’ beginnings and ever-changing teachings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, that he could no longer associate with such a diabolical organisation. The chains of bondage were finally broken. As a Jehovah’s Witness he had found that he had been serving a ‘wrong jesus’ (a false christ who was, as the JW’s believe, Michael the Archangel!) and with the help of one of his brothers, his relationship with the true Lord Jesus Christ was restored! Restored, because Fred accepted the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Saviour in November 1957! But sadly, no one offered to disciple him and teach him the basics of the Christian faith. Restored also were the long broken extended family relationships with all their previously alienated relatives – who they were taught by the Witnesses ‘forget about them, they really belonged to the devil’!

Fred’s Change was Noticeable: Barbara, and the children saw such a dramatic change in Fred, after his return to real Christian faith, that within twelve months, both she and the then seven of their children, had all left the JW’s to become Christians! Their eldest daughter, Kathleen, a few months after the family stopped fellowshipping with the JW’s, was encouraged by long-time Witness family ‘friends’ to, “…remain loyal to Jehovah’s organisation in order to get your brothers and sisters through Armageddon (the end of “this system of things” and the destruction of all on earth but the JW’s – which, as said before, Witnesses firmly believed would occur in October 1975!)” She was told, “…it’s no good worrying about your Mum and Dad now that they are outside Jehovah’s Ark of Safety (meaning not JW’s anymore) the important thing is for you now, as the eldest in the family, to to remain loyal to Jehovah’s Organistion in order to get your brothers and sisters through Armageddon”!

Our Daughter Leaves Home: Kathleen, found it very difficult to cope with the drastic changes in the family’s spiritual status, she was encouraged by the JW’s to leave home. The very people we had loved and cared and shared with for many years, were the ones who encouraged her to do this. When we contacted them to ask if they knew of her whereabouts, they would lie to us saying they had not seen her. This was in order to prevent us from no contacting her! They also lied to the NSW Police when they were questioned by them as to where she was. Fortunately, while she was living with them in several locations, the JW’s were unsuccessful in trying to marry her off to young “eligible” JW males! Eventually, our prayers were answered and she came home of her own volition, almost a year later!

Kicked Out of the Kingdom! Within a short time the family members who were baptised by the JW’s, were all disfellowshipped (‘ex-communicated’) by the local JW Judicial Committee (made up of three JW elders – all former ‘friends’) without any of us being present and without our knowledge. We only became aware of the action taken by the JW’s when our former JW friends, workmates and schoolfriends began to shun us, even crossing the street to avoid them! One of our daughters, when she was talking with one her JW friends from High School, suddenly said to her, “Oh, I shouldn’t be talking to you anymore, you know you’ve been disfellowshipped don’t you?”!

There is Good News – There is Life after the Watchtower: Contrary to what most cult members will tell you, the Good News is that there is life after being involved with a group like the Jehovah’s Witnesses! (Or, any cult group for that matter!) Truly, the old has passed away and the new has come! All those years of working and toiling to attend innumerable meetings and thousands of hours spent knocking on doors selling Watchtower publications at our own expense has paid off. How? By giving us a ‘deposit of experience’ that we can now draw from frequently to help others to come out of, or avoid getting into, spiritual bondage. Bondage that comes as a result of becoming entangled in authoritarian and mind-numbing cult groups.

This site is representative of the years of experience and research that has been the lot of the Grigg Family! To actually be a part of what the true and living God is doing in the lives of people in the world today is truly a privilege – there is no comparison between the joy of knowing the Grace and Mercy of God and being lost in the legalistic bondage of the cults!

We trust that you will never ever have to go through the agony of deceit and abuse that the Grigg Family have experienced over many years. It would be true to say that only in Christ have they been liberated from the past. And, that is the motive behind what they now do – they have willingly chosen to be, as the old saying goes, ‘Be a warning sign at the top of the cliff’, rather than to, ‘Be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’!

There’s another old and wise saying, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’!