Brainwashing & Mind Coercion


Brainwashing, to put it in simple terms, just doesn’t work! Allied Prisoners of War (POW’s) taken captive by the Communists during the Korean War, during their incarceration were heavily subjected to what became known as `brainwashing techniques’. However, out of the thousands of POW’s who were subjected to their methods and techniques for many years, there were less than a dozen who succumbed!

That’s why we prefer to use the term `mind-coercion’ instead of `brainwashing’. To coerce someone is to `compel or restrain them by force, or authority, without regard to their individual wishes or desires’.

The cults are experts at playing such mind games! Some years ago, one woman when she finally realised that [the group she was with were controlling her with cultic and occultic methods], when asked why she didn’t just walk away said, “I know I should and I really want to, but I can’t do it, it’s like being in a prison without bars”!

Mind Coercion Methods can be defined as…

1. Any technique designed to manipulate human thought, or action against desire, will, or knowledge of the individual.

2. The control of the physical and social environment of the individual. The `spirit of witchcraft’ has been described as `the desire to rule over, or dominate people’.

3. Destroying the loyalties of the individual. For example, to a marriage partner, family, church, country, etc.

4. Demonstrating to the individual that his attitudes and patterns of thinking are incorrect and must be changed.

5. Developing loyalty and unquestioning obedience to the leader and/or the ruling elite.

6. Isolating the individual from family, former associates, sources of information (e.g., no TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.

7. Exacting obedience and humility by creating a legalistic system with an exacting regimen.

8. Applying strong social pressures and introducing the individual to a reward system for performance, so that the group gains:

(a) the individuals unswerving cooperation. (b) a seeming omniscience and omnipotence (the all-seeing, all-knowing environment in which everyone watches everyone else. (c) the individuals sense of belonging buy creating feelings of acceptance by others, and being an essential part of the group. (d) the willingness and readiness of the individual to `work’ for the group.

9. Applying physical and psychological punishment for non-cooperation, ranging from:

(a) social ostracism (b) social criticism (c) deprivation of food, e.g., meagre vegetarian diet
(d) deprivation of sleep (e) deprivation of social contacts (f) bondage, and even at times torture (g) continual reinforcement of (I) rules and regulations (ii) doctrine (the groups teachings).

In Conclusion: all, or a mix of the foregoing methodology, when applied, creates a carefully controlled physical and social environment. This has the effect of destroying all anti-influences on the group members as a whole, and the individual. In other words `a herd mentality’. What actually occurs is that the followers eventually form a new collective world-view, which builds into their minds a `them and us’ or, `good versus evil’ mentality.


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