Myanmar (Burma) Update – January 2016

Relief funds for Flood victims

Thank you so much for your support for flood victims in Myanmar. The most need for them is food. So that we bought rice bags 160. We do have GMF Foundation and working with young people.

Receive Amount
Mandate Ministries 162588.00
MR.  Ronald 2400,000.00
Star Com.Ltd 2410200.00
Local George 650000.00
Total 5742788.00
Rices bags  160 X 31000 4,960,000.00
Transport Carrier 105000.00
Transportation 500600.00
Team expenses 177188.00
Total 5742788.00

We distributed to Kalaymyo, Kyita, Nanchaung and Nanmoung.


Philip Thang

Philip’s Ministry Update – Orphanage Project

Graduation from Word Bible Seminary

How are you. you are in our prayer always. All children and our family  are very well.

We have done our Graduation last Saturday. They have done well on their subjects with practical. Most of them are already pastoring in their own Church.  9 of them have graduated from Word Bible Seminary. It is the 9th commencement exercise. Thank God! 126 students have graduated till today.

They all are serving the Lord as Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, missions and leaders in their society.


Philip in Myanmar 2014

I have been elected as President of our Gospel Music Festival (GFM). We have nine Committee Members. We have conducted and celebrated GFM in four cities in 2014.  More than 10,000 people attended in Yangon (Rangoon), 30,000 in Myitkyina, 5,000 in Taungoo and 5,000 in Mandalay. The purpose of GMF are:

(1)  To know them Christ.  To bring people to Christ.

(2)   Healing the sick

(3)   Christian Unity

(4)   Pray for Our Nation Myanmar.

Many people comes to Christ, and heal sick people. 

Yangon (Rangoon) Bible School Photos – November 2014


During the month, Daniel, one of our orphans from our Children’s Home, became seriously ill and was admitted to hospital with a burst Appendix with an interloop abcess and a pelvic abscess and Peritoneal Toilet further complicating things. Thanks to the prayers of the people and yours, he is now getting very well for him.  In October we held our Annual Children’s Camp. It was a very good time for them with 21 children accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour!

The photos below are self-explanatory.

May the Lord Bless you.
Rev. Philip Thang

Phil1 Phil2 Phil3
Phil4 Phil5 Phil6


Philip Thang and Family

Yangon (Rangoon) Bible School Photos – November 2014

Philip in Myanmar 2014


I am C.B Philip Thang (Philip Vung Ling Thang) I was born on 13th February 1961 in Falam, Chin State, Myanmar and brought up from a Christian family. We are ten members in our family. I have three sisters and five brothers. I am the second eldest son in our family. My parents are still living in our native place (Daddy 83 years & Mum 73 years). My brothers and sisters have their own business and are occupied with the vocational work. I appreciate my parents for having a regular family worship service in our childhood and led us to the right way. They used to send us to attend Sunday school classes from K.G. Class to Intermediate classes. We enjoyed songs, writing competitions, team work, sport, excursion and some other activities in the Church. I began to go to primary school at the age of six years old. My goal was to become one of the great army officers, a leader of nation in the future.

My conversion

I did not know the reality of God or conversion though I was brought up from a Christian family. In October, 1975 I happened to attend crusade in our local Church where he taught us about the origin of sin, the cause of sin, and salvation. In this crusade that I came to know the necessity of the Saviour. The Bible says, “Men cannot be saved by his effort and good work but by grace. “For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” Rome 6:23. “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and not of yourselves: it is the gift of God” Eph. 2:8.

In that crusade, the speaker preached how the Lord Jesus Christ loved the people, suffered, died for us and resurrected from the dead. Here that I confessed all my sins and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. From here, I got conversion and became a new person in Christ. Here on wards I experience the peace with God, and I started to love the Word of God very much and began to read the Bible. I started to share Gospel of salvation to my class mates in the school. I felt like some one pushing me to step out for preaching and witness for Christ. “Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood an holy nation, a peculiar people” 1 Peter 2:9. My aim was totally changed after Christ lived in me and became a pastor to take care of the believers which I never dreamed before. Now I have a strong desire to serve the Lord as He has called me to become a good soldier of Christ Jesus. ” The Lord said My thought is not like yours and my ways are different from yours” Isaiah 55:8. ” Thou therefore, endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” II Tim 2:3.

Introduction – PHILIP THANG – YANGON (Rangoon), MYANMAR (Burma)

Dear Friend,

May I introduce to you one who has become one of my ‘Three  Sons in the Faith Overseas’, the very experienced and well studied Bible teacher and pastor, the Rev. C.B. Philip Thang. He and his wife, Mary Ngaih Zun Mawi, and their family, daughters Mercy Mawi, Salomi Mawi, and son Michael Thang. (My wife and I had the privilege of giving Michael his name!) Philip and Mary came into our lives about 2001-2, when one of our friends in New York State, the leader of Pointman Ministries International, asked, “Would you look after this couple for us as they live in your backyard?”!

Together, they pastor the registered and successful, ‘Myanmar Christian Church’ and its ‘Advanced Institute of Christian Missions’ in Yangon. There are many other churches under the ministry with well throughout the city and country. Philip has ministered and studied in India and Singapore. He has ministered in Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and conducts outreaches into the regional areas of Myanmar, winning many souls to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Mandate Ministries has prayerfully supported and financially contributed, as the Lord has enabled and led, in their ministry endeavours and activities since the early 2000’s. I commend them and their ministry to you for your prayer support. Should you be led to financially support them in some way, you can do that through us. Please contact us through this site if you have any questions or would like more information?

Fred Grigg