Relief funds for Flood victims

Thank you so much for your support for flood victims in Myanmar. The most need for them is food. So that we bought rice bags 160. We do have GMF Foundation and working with young people. Receive Amount Mandate Ministries 162588.00 MR.  Ronald 2400,000.00 Star Com.Ltd 2410200.00 Local George 650000.00 Total 5742788.00 […] Read more »

Graduation from Word Bible Seminary

How are you. you are in our prayer always. All children and our family  are very well. We have done our Graduation last Saturday. They have done well on their subjects with practical. Most of them are already pastoring in their own Church.  9 of them have graduated from Word Bible Seminary. It is […] Read more »

Philip in Myanmar 2014

I have been elected as President of our Gospel Music Festival (GFM). We have nine Committee Members. We have conducted and celebrated GFM in four cities in 2014.  More than 10,000 people attended in Yangon (Rangoon), 30,000 in Myitkyina, 5,000 in Taungoo and 5,000 in Mandalay. The purpose of GMF are: (1)  To know them Christ.  To bring people to Christ. (2)   Healing the sick (3)   Christian Unity (4)   […] Read more »