How To Surrender To God

David Parker is the Pointman Ministries International, Central Regional Director, Clay, Kentucky, USA Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘surrender’ as: “To deliver up; yield to another; to resign; to relinquish” and in the military, the word ‘surrender’ is like a dirty word. In the Marine Corps, there is a unit that had […] Read more »

For the Women in a War Veteran’s Life

PTSD – THE SHARED RESPONSES The wives/partners/mothers/sisters who have a Vietnam Veteran loved one to care for, often suffer from whatI have called ‘The Splash Effects of PTSD’. The following responses are all to often found in these overlooked and forgotten ones in a Veteran’s life. Pre-occupation With the Veteran […] Read more »

What’s a War Veteran’s Woman to Do?

Today, thousands of War Veterans and their families suffer from what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the battle after their war rages on within them. The wives and families of Veterans are often referred to as “The Silent Victims”! If you are one of these “Silent Victims” […] Read more »

Part of Me is Still in My War Zone

“Part of me is still in Vietnam (or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or East Timor)!” “WELCOME HOME!”; Those two words resound throughout the Australian war veteran community and everywhere we go. Since the Vietnam Veterans self-organised “Welcome Home Parade” in 1987 wherever Veterans gather, the words “Welcome Home” seem to have […] Read more »

Life After War

LIFE cannot be explained. When we touch it, we know it is life. But how? Not by thought or feeling or even a sixth sense. We just somehow know that life is there. Well, it all has something to do with first being able to recognise death. Through our experiences […] Read more »

Invisible War Wounds Killing at Home

Diggers* are being left to pay the ultimate price for emotional damage sustained in war zones, writes Samantha Healy. THE SUNDAY MAIL February 27, 2011, p51: AUSTRALIAN families, friends and communities have buried 23 soldiers killed Afghanistan since 2002.Each one was hailed for heroism, remembered for their larrikinism and commended […] Read more »