In the world today there is an increase of pressure on people to take sides on issues that several years ago would never have caused the average citizen to even show the slightest interest. As I typed this some time back, a young man was walking to Sydney, NSW, through Bordertown in South Australia, in the cause of PEACE. How important is it to stand up for something you believe in, and yet be seen by other people as perhaps a radical? Coming from Sydney to South Australia, one was not continually bombarded on the streets by someone, or some group, seeking to change world circumstances, or public opinion? What his action really has done for some is to give them an appreciation of just how much this troubled world needs someone, to be a Wonderful Counselor, a Prince of Peace! One who can take the numerous problems we have upon His shoulder and bring about an everlasting rule in the world, where peace never ends! But who can be called on to act in such a capacity? The only answer of course is found in Isaiah 9:6 – JESUS CHRIST!!

The statement Paul made as to how men would be in the Last Days, (2nd Timothy 3) is indeed a true description of the times we live in! Yes, some would say that those types he mentions have always been with us, but read Matthew 24! Imagine a man sitting on a fence with a raging bull (representing our sinful world) on one side offering Eternal Death, and the Lord Jesus on the other, offering Eternal Life! The fence sitter is about to fall one way or the other! Which side he lands on determines where he will spend his ETERNITY! It will soon be apparent to those who land on what we shall call, ‘the Bull’s side – referred to as the Pit’ – that their inability to have made an intelligent, wise, and quality decision here and now, as to how they will spend Eternity was perhaps a wrong decision! There are many roads into hell – but there is not a single road or track OUT!

The Word of God says only a fool says in his heart, “There is no God”.(Psalm 14:1) Who would believe that mankind, with all his abilities and talents, should only live an average of 70-80 years and then die? Even trees are known to have lived for thousands of years! Large turtles live anywhere from 400-600 years! Trees give shade, drop leaves, seeds and provide lumber. All the turtles do is to eat and reproduce! We were created for a purpose and one will only know what that purpose for being here on Earth is, only when he asks the Lord Jesus into his life! Is your ‘fence rail’ of support going to stand the test of time and the storms of life come? If your security is your house, your wealth and your health were all cancelled tomorrow – ON WHICH SIDE OF THE FENCE WOULD YOU BE?
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