Introduction – PHILIP THANG – YANGON (Rangoon), MYANMAR (Burma)


Dear Friend,

May I introduce to you one who has become one of my ‘Three  Sons in the Faith Overseas’, the very experienced and well studied Bible teacher and pastor, the Rev. C.B. Philip Thang. He and his wife, Mary Ngaih Zun Mawi, and their family, daughters Mercy Mawi, Salomi Mawi, and son Michael Thang. (My wife and I had the privilege of giving Michael his name!) Philip and Mary came into our lives about 2001-2, when one of our friends in New York State, the leader of Pointman Ministries International, asked, “Would you look after this couple for us as they live in your backyard?”!

Together, they pastor the registered and successful, ‘Myanmar Christian Church’ and its ‘Advanced Institute of Christian Missions’ in Yangon. There are many other churches under the ministry with well throughout the city and country. Philip has ministered and studied in India and Singapore. He has ministered in Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and conducts outreaches into the regional areas of Myanmar, winning many souls to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Mandate Ministries has prayerfully supported and financially contributed, as the Lord has enabled and led, in their ministry endeavours and activities since the early 2000’s. I commend them and their ministry to you for your prayer support. Should you be led to financially support them in some way, you can do that through us. Please contact us through this site if you have any questions or would like more information?

Fred Grigg