OK, so this is where we have managed to come as a Western nation: a devout Muslim, fuelled by Islamic ideology, commits a horrific act of terror on the streets of an Australian city, killing two innocent people, and our lamestream media manages to turn this into a case of a poor misunderstood Muslim being bullied by evil Australians!

We now have a new pitiful victim. The two dead innocent Aussies? No, the Muslim hostage taker of course! He and the entire Muslim community are the real victims here, and we are somehow the bad guys. Go figure. This is where we are now at. Our leaders and media elites are now completely certified dhimmis.

Jihad has come to our streets, but all the MSM wants to do is tell us that jihad has not come to our streets. It has taken an actual real-life event and completely spun it on its head. No, this was not an Islamic attack and it had nothing to do with Islam. That must be the case, because the media has had one Muslim leader after another telling us that this is the case. So it must be true.

We have Muslims killing infidels in the name of Allah, yet all the MSM can do is harp on and on about are all those evil Australian “racists” and “xenophobes” out there. Just whose side are they on anyway? And that of course is a rhetorical question.

While the 16 hour hostage drama unfolded, I wrote two articles on this tragic situation. Now that it is over, a number of good articles are appearing. Let me draw your attention to a few of them. Larry Pickering, among others, picked up on this foolishness that Man Monis was a lone wolf with no following:

“The cries of “lone wolf attack” echo through the media as a politically correct alternative to “Islamic terrorism”. But the warped Muslim mind of, Sheik Man Haron Monis, was there for all to see on his facebook page, with more than 14,000 “likes”… well it was there before some embarrassed person took it down.

 Isn’t it strange that a lone wolf can have so many other wolves following him ready and willing to join in the kill? Not really, not if you really want to believe in lone wolves… you know, the ones that belong in the feeble minds of the far Left and the apologists for Islamic terrorism. The truth is that the lone wolf belongs in fairy tales like Three Little Pigs, just wait, the rest of the pack are right behind him.”

Others have pointed out this inconvenient truth about followers on Facebook:

Premier Mike Baird – 11,500

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore – 6,500

Man Haron Monis – 14,725 (before his profile was taken down yesterday….an outcast of the Muslim community) and the idiotic idea that Islam is the victim here, and we have to worry about poor Muslims being exposed to some campaign of hate by the ones being killed is nicely dealt with by Chris Kenny. He says in part:
“We need to come to grips with a blunt reality; Islamic extremist terrorism, whether it is carried out by highly organised groups or deranged loners, whether it is imported or homegrown, is a real and present danger. Our broader community and media need to deal with this reality in the matter of fact way that our security forces do.
“The few isolated cases of Islamophobic responses have normally been strongly dealt with and denounced by our citizens, not to mention our authorities. They are always regrettable and intolerable but are far from the norm — such behaviour is simply not Australia’s way — and any attempt to find equivalence between them and deadly acts of terrorism is insulting to the victims of terror.

 “Yet, even while our fellow Australians were still cowering at the hands of an extremist gunman yesterday, social media was abuzz with a feel-good hashtag campaign to suggest Muslim Australians would be safe on our public transport.

 Muslims are safe on our public transport each and every day. In the huddled crowds at Martin Place yesterday there were Muslim women with head scarfs, mingling in the crowd sharing their concerns along with their fellow non-Muslim Australians. That is our way. The idea that Australia needs to prove its plurality and tolerance is as wrongheaded as it is silly.

Andrew Bolt also has weighed into this:

“Must we always feign this surprise when a terrorist is found to be — gasp — Muslim? Surely we can finally drop this absurd game given that 21 of the 21 people jailed for terrorism offences here in the past couple of decades were Muslim, as are 19 of the 20 proscribed terrorist groups in Australia. Surely we’re entitled to conclude that something specific to Islam seems to license violence, given we have just as many Buddhists here as Muslims, yet not one Buddhist has killed here for his faith.”

Finally, Bernard Gaynor offers us a few home truths which we must come to terms with. He presents “five things the mainstream media is spinning wrong about the Islamic addition to Christmas festivities in Australia over the last 24 hours:

“We couldn’t see this coming. Apparently, we could never see this coming. This was an attack we thought we could never see in Sydney. That’s what the Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird, said this morning. Hello! Mike! Is there anyone home? Australians aren’t goldfish. We can remember things for more than three seconds. Like, for instance, the fact that 800 police descended upon Sydney just a few weeks ago to prevent some peaceful follower of the religion of peace from peacefully severing some random Aussie’s head. In Martin Place. Right where the Lindt Café stands. Anyone who couldn’t see this coming has had their head in the sand and their backside pointed skywards, almost as if they have already embraced Islam.

“I’m guessing, however, that most people would not have expected the news that the deranged gunman was actually on bail. For a multitude of sexual offences and in relation to his wife’s murder (she was peacefully set on fire). Or that this bloke had a habit of sending abusive letters to the families of Australian soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

  “Who needs to worry about the Islamic threat when our own legal system holds the safety of Australians in such contempt that it would let this guy run free? But I can think of no better advertisement for the actual truth of Islam than the fact that a murderous sexual deviant would stroll into the heart of Sydney for his last stand under the most famous words of Mohammed….

“Islamic leaders have condemned this violence. Apparently Australia’s Grand Mufti has condemned the Lindt Café siege. And with that, the media went running on their way to talk about how Muslims fear for their lives, living in such a racist country like Australia. But the truth is that Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed has a lot of hide to issue such a statement. This is the same man that sent a statement to the Federal Senate in October claiming that new anti-terror laws inhibited his religious freedom. You read that right. Nothing further needs to be said. The Grand Mufti’s statement says it all: it is an open admission that Islam promotes terrorism. The real question is this: why has the media barely reported this at all?
“The Islamic Community suffers from this. The last 24 hours are wreaking a terrible toll on the Islamic community, if you believe the media. Give me a break. This is the ultimate good cop/bad cop routine. Some dude walks into a café and kills two people. In return, the Islamic apologists are given huge air time. The Premier of New South Wales convenes video conferences with the bloke who claims new anti-terror laws impinge religious freedom and interfaith prayer services are held at mosques around the nation. Politicians are jumping over themselves to promote Islam. And it’s all because, under the Islamic flag, two Australians were gunned down. Like I said, give me a break.
“And, of course, the social media numpties have gone nuts. #illridewithyou has taken off. It is, of course, a completely empty gesture designed only to reinforce the arrogant feelings of moral superiority held by those who promote tolerance at the expense of our nation’s safety. And nothing shows the vacuous nature of the moral do-gooders than the fact that they don’t do any good at all. They just ‘Twitter’ good, like gods from on high. Apparently, that is even better than actually doing anything at all.  “If you support the idea of Islamic rule and Sharia law, the last 24 hours have shown that murdering two Australians is pretty much all it takes to get everyone who is anyone to show deference and submission. It’s not exactly a great deterrence. So expect more violence to come.
“I am so glad a few other sensible and sober voices are being heard on this. With the MSM having basically sold its soul to the devil – in this case, an Islamic devil – it is so refreshing to hear a few folks who have not yet lost their marbles and joined the zombie hordes.”

Culture Watch 16 Dec 2014: http://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/12/16/why-the-jihadists-are-winning/