I was born into a Roman Catholic Christian family. I was a carefree Christian. My goal in Life was to satisfy my life’s desires. I did not care whether that meant breaking the Christian rules that governed our family. In other words I did not know God. After graduating from Teachers Training College in 1982 I was sent to teach at Malawi College of Distance Eduction Centre in Blantyre city. At that time I was residing in Ndirande suburb, a township of everything that satisfies the desires of every walk of life. It is where I became one of the town drunkards. In 1984 I moved to another town called Chemusa township where my life became even worse than before to the extent that my wife left me and went home.

She came back when I moved to another town called Chilomoni township where I encountered with my Lord Jesus Christ. The first to meet with the saviour was my wife Merenia at one of the open air gospel meetings organised by ‘The Miracle Power of God Fellowship.’ A Fellowship that was born after Evangelist Reinhard Bonke had preached in Malawi. After her conversion she was trying to persuade me to follow in her footsteps. At first I was not interested with her conversion stories, praying, miracles happening, people praying in tongues and etc. To me, as a Catholic Christian, that was all taboo. I was against whatever people would tell me about other church beliefs, more especially the so called ‘Born-agains’.

God is wonderful, a month after my wife’s conversion and of my struggling with her new religion stories that she brought into the house, something strange happened to me. I know maybe it was because I hardened my heart to oppose those strange prayers in the house. I suddenly became seriously ill for a period of two weeks, the doctors at the hospital failed to diagnose the disease and were unable to give me the medicine. One night when I was totally helpless with this sickness I suddenly found out that the whole sickness, all the pains I was feeling disappeared completely by itself. I was completely healed .This healing was for both my body and spirit, the appetite, lust for other women was no more in me. But instead I felt a strong desire to surrender my life to Jesus and I was forced from inside to follow my wife to meet those fellowship people and see if I can get any help from them?

I did not know these people personally but they knew me through my wife. My wife took me there and to my surprise I was taken to a secluded place where I was exposed to people called counsellors, they preached to me, gave me more scripture verses and led me to repentance and a prayer of confession. They laid their hands on me and prayed for me. From there they told me to testify to all my friends that I am born again. I have done away with of all my sins. I went preaching this to all my friends, my fellow teachers at work, my relatives, and to all the women I used to go about with. I found real peace in my heart.

Later I was taken to pastor H. Roben Chakholoma of the United Apostolic Faith Church who baptized me and prayed for me to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. From that time I started attending their bible studies regularly at their church and later on I joined the church. I did away with the Catholic Church and became a happy man with a happy family. Jesus is my redeemer!