Life After War


LIFE cannot be explained. When we touch it, we know it is life. But how? Not by thought or feeling or even a sixth sense. We just somehow know that life is there. Well, it all has something to do with first being able to recognise death. Through our experiences in war0, we Veterans develop a new slant on life because we so often saw a new slant on death. How could we ever tell someone about death who had never seen it the same way we had? After Vietnam we knew life in a different way after having known death. Life’s values have taken on a new complexion that others can’t understand and we can’t explain, so we just gIve up and ‘bottle it all up inside’.

It has been said that once you have been to war you always know the sound of the devil’s footsteps – and they are always right behind you! This is more true than one would expect…As a youngster, we probably grew up in a Christian home. We always heard about how evil will come to steal, kill and destroy, but we never related it to living and dying especially in a place like Vietnam and the subsequent wars. If we would have been told that the devil was causing all the death and destruction wherever we served in a war zone, when we were there, we probably would have scoffed and laughed at the person who told us and say they had been watching too much on TV! To most of us it was the ‘Pollies’, the enemy, and us causing it all, nobody else!

While in a war zone we were constantly told to know and understand our enemy as much as we could, in order to wage effective war against him – and to protect ourselves. We were always trying to figure out what kind of weapons and tactics he could use against us. But, there was one thing we never had to figure out, which we were 100% sure of – that our enemy wanted to kill us!

During the Vietnaqm War, no matter how bad the enemy manipulated the war protesters back home (remember when the mail didn’t get through and how you dearly wanted to ‘Punch-a-Postie’?), the black marketeers, the clamoring prostitutes, the drugs you either took or were offered and everything else? But, above all the enemy’s main weapon was DEATH! With this one weapon the Communists held our Nation’s attention for over a decade – and we came home from Vietnam thinking that we knew all there was to know about death.

Like the communists in that war we need to really see the nature of the devil’s attacks upon our lives today. If we are still plagued by flashbacks, nightmares, depression and the myriad of other war-related problems, you can rest assured that it certainly wasn’t the Vietnamese people who were causing it – because they are thousands of miles away (yes, we know that many live in Australia now – but they aren’t waging war with us are they?)! Our real enemy has to be much closer, and he is!

The devil, or satan, is using his ultimate weapon against us right now, and it is death! Some people might tell you that he will attack you through sin (and he probably will). We’ve probably been hearing about sin all our lives and that is perhaps a pretty good thing to focus in on. But even when the question of sin is settled, and even if the things of the world have no attraction for us any longer, Satan still has power over us by always holding the threat of death up in our faces. It seems that no matter what we do we think that he will win in the end.

But, there’s something you need to know as a Veteran soldier. There is a way to combat the enemy and his awesome weapon, but you first need to know that there is a war still going on that you need to be involved in. It’s the war between life and death. God represents life, Satan represents death. However, fortunately we have the freedom to choose which side we want to be on; because they are both volunteer armies.

If you choose God’s army, here is what you need to know. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die before mortal man, so that they could then see him rise from the grave completely victorious over death.

Yes, after Jesus died He came back to life and put an end to the seemingly endless power of death that Satan had over us. When we join God’s Army, by calling out on the Name of the Lord Jesus, Acts 2:21 says that, “…everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”, and do so with an honest heart, we then share in the Lord Jesus’ victory of life over death.

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