In this violent and chaotic world in which we live, there is one thing that has never changed (despite inflation) and that is the wages of sin – which of course is death! How sad is it for someone to be born into this life, grow up, become old and then die, without even knowing why they were here?

It can be so easy for some Christians to sit back in their own comfortable little world and not even trouble themselves about where their lives are really heading? If they have work, they work, they go to church every Sunday, they try to meet their obligations, they try to attend to the needs of their family, but are they ever at all interested in answering God’s Call on their lives? If your answer is yes, then remember, that for a Christian, sin is ‘missing the mark, or target’ which God has set for each one us to aim for in this life!

So, what then is our target in this life? Is it heaven, or something else? I’ve said many times that our goal should be life itself – the abundant life of John 10:10. Jesus meant us to live life in the absolute, as God has it! To many people, life in this world is a living hell! Life for those without God is really just a “cut-flower” existence. They look beautiful on the outside, but they are really dying from the inside out. The Bible pleads with us to become partakers of God’s ‘divine nature’ in 2ndPeter 1:4 What God really wants us to do is demonstrate that there is a better way and lifestyle! Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!

We can’t hope to live up to God’s standards until we allow His power to begin to change us (2 Cor 3:18). We should never say we are too old, too young or too far gone! Remember, that it is His will that we live the abundant life – it’s what the lord desires for us to achieve through his promises by his power (2 Peter 1:4) so that we can all become effective and fruitful in this life and that we will never fall!!! (2 Peter 1: 10) People won’t desire a thing unless they can see it. God’s will for us is that we know who we are and why we are here, in order to demonstrate the Life which He offers to all – they need to see it to believe it!

Fred Grigg © Mandate Ministries 2014

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