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“The Deception of Martial Arts & Yoga”


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The following is a list of topics, by Chapter, contained in the book of the same name. The following is part of the introductory comments from the book (69 pages). See below how to obtain copy of same.

Topics Covered…

1. Doorway to the Demonic

2. History and Origins

3. Principles Behind Martial Arts

4. Types of Martial Arts

5. Types of Yoga

6. Meditation: False and the True

7. Reference Notes & Copyright Details

Author’s Note to the 4th Printing

No one can deny that people today are being influenced by many things in our complex society. Naturally, some influences are good; some not so good; some are just downright deceptive and misleading. It is the ‘not so good’ and the ‘deceptive’ that often leads people into beliefs and practices that in time prove to be extremely harmful to themselves and their loved ones. In this work we will take a closer look at just two influences that are having a major impact upon our world today, Martial arts and Yoga (as the reader will see, the two go hand-in-hand). Both have an outward appearance of being beneficial and seem to be promoting good. However, from the experiences of the unwary often they become quite harmful.

I have found that a great percentage of people seeking my help and counsel, do so because they have had an involvement in either one, or both of these practices. Most enquirers will invariably say that they felt ‘vaguely uneasy’ about getting involved with Martial arts and/or Yoga in the first place. It would be true to say that most people are ignorant of the spiritual roots and dangers associated with these two practices. Experience says that where there is a void of information on a matter, it is then that it becomes very easy to deceive people.

In this work I will present sufficient material to fill that void. Truth is, and always will be, controversial! My reasoning will also be controversial for some as I have used as my ‘yardstick’ the Bible, or the Word of God. Within its pages, the only true and living God, who is the Creator of all, has given principles for mankind to follow in order to live a fulfilled and satisfying life. Mankind breaks those principles to his own detriment.

The Lord Jesus Christ said, “…I came that they (‘they’ refers to us, the people) may have life, and have it abundantly.” (See John 10:10) Yes, His ‘called out’ people can enjoy life in the absolute! He also said that the devil (yes, he really does exist!) is a thief who has three objectives in that, he “…comes only to steal, kill and destroy..”. The devil can, and does use the practices of Martial arts and Yoga to achieve all three of these objectives!

In 1986 Christian leaders in the United Kingdom (UK) sought my permission to use the results of my original studies that eventually became this work, to aid them in their submissions to two public inquiries that were being held in the UK. One conducted by the Ministry of Sport and the other the Ministry of Education. Both government agencies were alarmed at the large numbers of young people, associated with their programs, who were experiencing physical injury and/or the onset of behaviour and personality problems – for their own research had revealed that there appeared to be a common factor for the problems – involvement in Martial arts and/or Yoga!

I ask the reader not to blindly accept what I have written, but that hopefully he will be motivated sufficiently to begin their own personal research of the matters raised so that the issue will become clearer for themselves.

Fred Grigg
Gold Coast, Australia
January 1998

Author’s Note to the 5th Printing

Sadly, this re-print has become necessary due to the increased demand for the information it contains. It has also afforded me the opportunity to go more deeply into certain areas, by way of further explanation and facts. Because of the increased interest in the topics, a significant amount of additional and new information has been included.

Fred Grigg
May 2005

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