MIDDLE EAST UPDATE – December 19th 2014


Interesting news received yesterday and this morning – you probably won’t hear about it in our media? Yesterday, Gaza started firing rockets into Israel again, in what Hamas calls a ‘Low Key Campaign’? One rocket landed in the Eshkol District and several others in the Beersheba region – no one was hurt. It’s been reported that Hamas recently rejected a Saudi offer to fully pay for Gaza’s rebuilding next year for free – which included it rebuilding the damages housing, the infrastructure and to equip and build up its Gaza’s military again.

Hamas lost Egyptian support when the recent Military Coup took place there and ousted the controlling Muslim Brotherhood! This was where Hamas’s major support was coming from. Seems that Hamas has now thrown its lot in with Iran and Syria. It’s also reported that a Hamas delegation of its leaders are going to Tehran this coming week to ratify the deal.

This is very interesting because Obama is said to have supported the Muslim Brotherhood, but is now pursuing Syria’s President Assad to become an ally in their joint confrontation with Islamic State (IS). Reports say that IS is having problems meeting the basic needs of the people who live in the areas they now control. There are food shortages and it unable to maintain and supply basic utilities like electricity, water and sewerage disposal!

IS has also lost what was its major income resources, the ability to sell oil. Seems that the US and its Allies have bombed their wells, pipelines and refineries! It’s also interesting to note that the Islamic Yarmouk Army Brigades which Obama’s US troops have been training in Jordan for the last two years have just defected to Islamic State! It’s said they have positioned themselves along the Golan Israeli and Syrian Border Area – all the way from Qunaltra in the north of Syria, south to Daraa in Syria along the Jordanian Border!

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