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Yes, it’s really true! There is such an organisation and they have convened a ‘Parliament of World’s Religions’ in Salt Lake City, Utah USA, the city founded and headquarters today of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[1] this coming October 15th – 19th 2015. The following picture was taken at their first gathering May 1st – October 31st 1893 in Chicago during the World’s Columbian (Christopher Columbus Day) Exposition, or Fair. It attracted 27 million visitors – a quarter of America’s population at that time!


“The first major attempt to create a One World Religion!” (Author’s comment)

It’s huge success and profitability became the standard for all future fairs!

The Fair’s success, in attracting large numbers of people prepared to spend money on merchandise, while enjoying themselves, is embedded in the ‘roots’ and development of the ‘Disneyland’ and ‘Disney World’ concepts – which other similar theme parks around the world have adopted! It’s all based on the now accepted fact that enjoying oneself is inextricably tied to purchasing goods or simply the act of spending money![2]

The ‘Parliament of the World Religions’ was convened again in Chicago in 1993; then in Cape Town, South Africa 1999 and Melbourne, Australia 2009. The see a list of over 20 of the major speakers in October click on:

The beliefs of the speakers range Tibetan Buddhism, (the Dalai Lama); a Roman Catholic nun; a professor of Islamic Studies; A Nobel Peace Laureate from Ireland; an Evangelical Christian; the President of Coast Rica; a Muslim Rhodes Scholar; a Hindu advocate of eco-feminist philosophies and principles; a Jewish Rabbi; a ‘New Thought’

minister; an Indian Chief and spiritual leader; a Sikh Activist; Ghandi’s Grandson; a Mormon author and conservationist; A South African Dutch Reformed Church cleric…and the list just goes on!

From their Website, under the heading, “Educating Religious Leaders for a Multi-Religious World”[3] I quote: “The Parliament of the World’s Religions developed an initiative to explore the importance of interfaith understanding for the curriculum and priorities of our schools. To this end, the Parliament created a Task Force of U.S. Seminaries to highlight the importance of interfaith understanding at the seminary level. Strong acknowledgment was made concerning the urgency of interfaith engagement and the preparation of a religious leadership equipped with knowledge and understanding of the plurality of faith traditions in the contemporary world. Cultural and intellectual understanding of other religions, along with profound pastoral instincts, are increasingly essential for theological students as well as for those engaged in the academic study and teaching of religion. The very nature of world events today demands that effective religious leadership be able to identify and articulate the influence of religious traditions on these events. Theological seminaries in particular are obligated to equip students for meaningful pastoral practice and leadership of their communities in the midst of this growing diversity”. (Emboling mine).
In the foregoing quotation I have highlighted some phrases that concern me greatly! They are obviously targeting our ‘Christian’ Seminaries in the belief, as do all Ecumenicalists, that if you can influence the existing seminary teachers and those training to become church leaders, that they will inculcate into their congregations, the ‘One World Religion’ falsehood, “that all religions lead to the same god/heaven”! They ‘covenant’ together to, “…celebrate our shared values of compassion, justice, peacemaking, and harmony in diversity”.
What comes to mind after researching the foregoing is the Scripture from John 14:6, where the true Lord Jesus said, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”. Which means to the writer, exactly what it says; there is no other way to be reconciled to God the Father, but through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

What the ‘Parliament’ is trying to create can only be a ‘fruit salad’ of all religions which will come to nothing in the end!

© Fred Grigg, Gold Coast, July 2015
[1] The ‘Mormons’

[2] Condensed from the article posted on:


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