The main website page of the ‘Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church’ South Australia states:

Hacksaw Ridge – outreach opportunity! It is rare to have a mainstream movie clearly identifying Seventh-day Adventist beliefs in such a positive light. “Hacksaw Ridge” is being released on 3 November in your local cinemas. We are offering you a 123page book entitled “The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge” by Doug Batchelor…to use when talking to people about this movie…”

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Hacksaw Ridge Poland

Hacksaw Ridge Poland

From the online Adventist Review, the SDA’s state: “…millions of people are going to watch “Hacksaw Ridge,” the powerful story of a war hero. A Christian war hero. A Seventh-day Adventist war hero. And more important, people will be talking about Desmond Doss’ faith, his beliefs, and the remarkable God who enabled Doss to carry himself with such grace, commitment, and bravery.” (Copied 28 Nov 16)

Please Note: In what I say about the movie, please note that I say nothing that would detract from the heroism and gallantry of the main character in the movie, US Army Corporal Desmond Doss. However, he was a Seventh-day Adventist non-combatant medic (he did not carry arms, but he served with a combat unit) who single-handedly rescued 75 soldiers during the Battle of Okinawa. As a result of his bravery, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour, the United States’ highest military honour – equivalent to Australia’s Victoria Cross.

Quotes from the Seventh-day Adventist Review website:

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ opens unprecedented Adventist witnessing opportunities in Central Europe’ (SDA) Church in Poland, Hungary spotlighted as movie draws interest. Posted November 25, 2016

Karolina and Monika, from Krakow, Poland, have spent a lot of time this last month at their local cinema. Recently baptized teenage twins, you will find them there, dressed in World-War II look-alike T-shirts similar to the uniform Desmond Doss would have worn. On the back is written, “Desmond Doss saved 75. Jesus saved all. I’m an Adventist like Desmond Doss – ask me more.” When they stand up at the end of a screening of Mel Gibson’s

WWII epic, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, they make an impression. They answer questions and share with movie-goers a specially prepared issue of the Polish “Signs of the Times,” or “Znaki Czasu.” “The movie was great, but above all, we admire Doss’s moral stance. …We are proud to be Adventists,” the twins admit. They are not alone. More than 100 Adventist youth in cities across Poland have spent the month of November volunteering at cinemas, on the street, at a book fair and at special screenings of the Desmond Doss documentary film, ‘The Conscientious Objector’ in their local churches. The result? People are already having Bible studies with pastors after watching Gibson’s film and at least 100 have attended an Adventist Church for the first time. (My Emphasis)

All this did not happen by accident. Marek Micyk, Youth director for the Adventist Church in Poland, joined with public relations consultant Michal Rakowski and a group of youth to formulate a plan that could maximize the witness of the church during the time of the cinema release. It wasn’t just the youth. The entire Polish Union Executive Committee bought into the vision. The publishing house printed 30,000 copies of a magazine that normally has a circulation of 3,000. They have all sold. The Hope Channel Poland studios gained permission to voice over and distribute Terry Benedict’s 2004 documentary “The Conscientious Objector”. Screenings were organized in five cities and 1,000 DVDs were sold.‘Szeregowiec Doss’, a book about the life of Doss prepared for the film release, was given as a gift to journalists during the Polish premiere. Another 3,200 copies have been sold since, including at the Krakow International Book Fair visited by 70,000 people. Znaki Czasu hosted a stand there for the first time in its history. Karolina and Monika were among the volunteers, wearing the same original American U.S. military uniforms that Doss would have worn. (End Quote)

Well-trained Adventist youth trained and prepared for the ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ movie in Poland

Well-trained Adventist youth trained and prepared for the ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ movie in Poland

Well-trained Adventist youth trained and prepared for the ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ movie in Poland

One can see from reading the foregoing that the SDA church leaders, worldwide, have gone to great lengths and expense in preparing their people to have a strong ‘witness’ for their ‘false gospel’ when the film was released!

Three Polish SDA leaders are quoted in the article, as saying:

“It’s fantastic,” said pastor Marek Rakowski, (SDA) executive secretary ofthe Adventist Church in Poland. “A strange paradox is that in a country that is one of the most Catholic in Europe, [talking] about spirituality and other religions is generally ‘taboo.’ This film has broken the taboo and given the church a voice.” That “voice” has come at higher levels than expected both in Poland and in near-by Hungary. In both countries, the film distributor contacted the Adventist Church asking for help to check the accuracy of the translation.

Róbert Csizmadia, executive secretary of the Adventist Church in Hungary states that this was an answer to prayer as they had been looking for ways to be able to use the film as a witness. “There is so much war, enmity, terrorism and people genuinely thirst for peace and love,” he said. “We have something positive to offer.”

The same is true in Poland where Hacksaw Ridge is already in release: “In my entire life as a Seventh-day Adventist, I have never seen our church gain such good media coverage,” says Marek Rakowski, secretary of the Adventist Church in Poland.

USB Thumb Drives

USB Thumb Drives

SDA Church members have been well-trained and SDA resources have been produced to help draw the unsuspecting into a ‘false gospel’! The article confirms this: “Adventists also manned a booth during the press screening, handing out specially labelled USB memory sticks crammed with useful media materials about Doss and Adventists. That resulted in Siciński being invited to several other media outlets.” The usb’s were labelled and filled with ready-to-use press releases and information (like FAQ) about the Adventist Church. You may ask, “How successful has the campaign been for the Adventist?” The article provides the answer: “Working in public relations, Michal Rakowski is impressed: “If the Church had paid for an advertising campaign of this kind of extent, using the same media, we estimate it would cost 180,700 Euros! [U.S. $191,000 and AUD $254,000] That is a price that would be totally unaffordable for Adventists in Poland where there are just 5,820 members in a population of38.5 million.” Rakowski added,

The article continues: “For Micyk, an active presence on the Internet was a key factor to success. His team translated the Polish Doss Wikipedia page. It was viewed 33,000 times in November, the third highest Wikipedia result globally – just after English and French. They designed a Church-owned website, www.DesmondDoss.pl. It was viewed 35,000 times by 8,500 users. Micyk is most proud ofthe Desmond Doss PL Facebook fan-page where the most popular infographic was seen by 209,000 users, he said. Many Polish Adventist youth changed their Facebook cover pictures for film poster images and a sentence “I’m an Adventist like Desmond Doss.” !

Conclusion: One can see briefly, from the foregoing, that wherever SDA’s are worldwide, they are capitalising on the release of the movie to ‘attract’ people to their ‘religion’. However, the readers of this article dismiss the article as being written by a former disgruntled SDA, should that the writer has never been an SDA ‘church attender’!

SDA in ARMY Uniform

SDA in ARMY Uniform

Readers should make the effort to investigate the roots, or the beginnings and beliefs, of the SDA Church for themselves to understand why they should not get involved with or accept their teachings of a group that came out of the aberrant ‘Advent Movement’ from the mid-1840’s!

The SDA’s, like many others, have a history of false teachings; the most notable of the SDA’s being the failure to be ‘caught up to Heaven’ in 1843, 1844 and 1845! They were taught by their leaders they the three dates were direct from Heaven! All of which failed and are well-documented. Many of their teachings are not accepted by the learned Bible-believing Christian.

Mandate Ministries was established in 1978 by Fred and Barbara Grigg. They have an extensive and informative website with many articles designed specifically to expose the many cults and their false teachings; groupsthat function on the periphery of Christianity – pretending to be Christian, but are not! One such article, written by Canadian Christian apologist Lorri MacGregor, a former Jehovah’s Witness (which sprang out of the Adventist Movement) is her well-researched paper on the, “Facts The Seventh-day Adventists Won’t Tell You.

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