The expression, “Come sit at my feet and learn of me.” is one that PauL the Apostle knew full well the meaning of due to his being sent to Jerusalem as a young man, to sit at the feet of, and be taught by the great Rabbi, Gamaliel.  Some years ago, I was very surprised to find, in the course of my research, that there really was some of the great teacher Gamaliel writings that had survived! Many Jews today still quote him as an authority on their faith. Can you imagine how Paul must have been awestruck to be going to sit at his feet!

An indication of the value of the teaching Paul received, can be gleaned from his own writings and his insights into the Hebrew Scriptures! Paul, no doubt was being groomed to be a great leader in his nation. Some have even said that he was being groomed to one day, be the High Priest! Peter even said that, “…in Paul’s letters there are some things hard to understand.”  Even today the Christian World’s best theologians have difficulties with his writings.  BUT…. we don’t have to be men with Phd’s or the like, to be able to grasp all that our Father wants to enlighten us with from His Word, the Bible. He invites us, in a spiritual sense to “sit at my feet and learn of me.”

The Holy Spirit has been given to indwell us as our teacher and given the task of teaches and leads us into all truth! The Holy Spirit, to many is sadly referred to as being an ‘It’, to others they see Him being likened to a docile dove, the most timid of all the birds. We should see Him as the ultimate and powerful teacher – what better position can we find than to be “SITTING” where we can be taught by Him! We must challenge ourselves to make the time to sit where Father God wants us to sit, at the feet of the One He sent to minister to us, when we read and meditate, by filling our minds with His Word! To lead us when  we pray, and just site quietly and fellowship with Him? Many of the Bible situations in which Jesus taught the people speaks of not only them sitting, but Him sat also.

For example, He sat in the Temple, sat in a boat, sat at a well, sat at meals, and so on. Sometimes, we allow our busy, and often unnecessary, schedules and activities to exclude us from this activity. After all, it’s important to God that we do! Why not make a quality decision today, to make the time to sit with the Holy Spirit and learn through Him? With His help we may just make the transition from the ‘Milk of the Word’ to getting insights into the ‘Meat of the Word’?  If we think about Ephesians 2:6, “(He) raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus” we can see that ‘sitting’ is a rather important action for us to adopt.

This inability to ‘sit’ could well be the main reason that we find ourselves ‘standing’ and ‘rushing to-and-fro’ all the time, and not really having a Holy Spirit anointed relationship of any substance with the Father through Jesus? We serve a truly great God and Father whom we should never neglect! Note Ephesians 1:3, which says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” If we choose not to ‘sit at His feet and learn’ then how can we know what benefits and blessings are ours to ask for and receive? How is it possible for us to live a life ‘in the Spirit?  Let’s not be like the beneficiary of a will, I heard of years ago, who lived in abject poverty, because he had never bothered to find out what had been left to him in that will – Blessings!
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