STATUTE:  a formal written enactment of a legislative authority that governs a state, city, or     country; A permanent rule made by a body or institution

ORDINANCE:  a local law or regulation; a religious practice or ritual prescribed by the church

 PRECEPT: principle: rule of personal conduct for action; a guide for rules or morals; teaching: a doctrine that is taught; “the teachings of religion”; “he believed all the Christian precepts”

TESTIMONY: a solemn statement made under oath; an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact; “according to his own testimony he can’t do it”; something that serves as evidence; “his effort was testimony to his devotion”; open declaration, or profession of faith

COMMANDMENT:  an order given by one in authority, expecting to be obeyed; Divine command; rule or set of rules; ten commandments

LAW: a collection of rules imposed by authority; legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity; a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society;




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