Staying on the Right Track


Since I first began researching, writing and teaching on dangerous religious groups, I have had many inquiries from folk who, after reading my notes, or hearing me teach, have contacted me with requests for further help. There is nothing wrong with that, but, it soon became evident that the major difficulty they were all experiencing came about when they tried to respond during a discussion with a member of a cult, particularly one that claimed to be a ‘christian group’. They all felt that there seemed to be an inadequacy on their own part, during the conversation, to respond to the unfamiliar and even peculiar teachings and practices of the cultist, even after reading my work and hearing me lecture.
What most asked for was further information and/or extra materials to assist them to respond to and refute such things as:

  • Celebrating Christmas/Easter/birthdays/national holidays
  • Blood transfusions, or an infusion of blood product
  • Military service, both active and passive (Medical Corps)
  • The Holy Spirit – is “it” or “He” a ‘force’ or a ‘personality’?
  • Speaking in ‘tongues’
  • The authenticity of the Bible – is it just folklore or a corrupt translation?
  • Sabbath observance – is it Saturday or Sunday?
  • The ‘End Times’ – what is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and ‘666′?

I could go on and on listing the many and varied requests that they have made. However, in almost every instance, after I had asked the inquirer as to how much time they had devoted, during their conversation with the cultist, asking one simple question, “Who do you believe Jesus Christ is?” I was shocked to hear, in almost every instance, that the most important question of all had not even been asked! What these well-meaning people had done was to allow themselves to be drawn away from the one who said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” [John 14:6]. They had been side-tracked into discussing things that have absolutely nothing to do with Salvation
Friends, just this one question is really the crux of the whole matter of finding the real Lord Jesus Christ! To answer this simple question wrongly means that whatever else you may say is simply just waffle! We should never make the mistake of playing into the hands of the cults by discussing their unique and strange side-issues, like those listed above. Never, and again I repeat, never try to beat, refute or wrangle on what are peripheral issues! In most cases these issues were the very ones that originally lead the person standing before you into deception in the first place!
It has always been our experience to find that, after the establishing the Deity of Christ (that the Lord Jesus Christ was God manifest in the flesh – see Colossians 1:19 & 2:9), there is very little trouble in tackling the controversial ‘side- issues’. We have been able to rejoice at the very easy task of flowing in the will and ministry of the Holy Spirit (after all, it is His ministry to convict a person of his sinful state and to then lead them into all truth). It becomes a simple ‘mopping up operation’ for the person who has accepted the true Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Remember always that it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to “…teach you ALL things…”; (John 14:26).
So be mindful of His role when you are speaking to people and seeking to bring them into and understanding of truth. The Lord Jesus said, “Unless you believe that I AM … you will die in your sins.” (John 8:24 RSV). Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is none-other than the Great I AM – the same I AM that Moses talked with in the “burning bush”. Establish this fact for your hearer and then watch the salvation of the Lord! May God richly bless you as you minister THE TRUTH THAT LEADS TO ETERNAL LIFE! © Copyright 1997

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