31ST March 2008

Ben-n-Grace-2013.jpgThis is my testimony. I was Born-Again in 1994, on the 13th April. I had been drinking a lot on that day and a ‘Voice’ told me to get Saved. I fought that voice for a long time and I later yielded in the afternoon of that very day, glory to God.

My father had a background of being a Catholic, but actually he also belonged to a witch sect that believed in worshiping the Spirits of the Ancestors. After hearing that I had accepted Jesus in my life, he called for a family meeting at which he said if I don’t renounce the white people’s God, I will no more be his son. I narrated to all of the family of my experience with this man Jesus, how he had healed me of Yellow Fever. All of them knew I had this sickness as it was disturbing me a lot.

I boldly told my dad that he is my father, but Christ was both my Lord and saviour and I told him that I can’t renounce Jesus. This brought about a great chaos in the meeting as he wanted to beat me, but one man who was there told me that when I was speaking these words, he said my face to him was shining like an Angel and it wasn’t me who spoke, this encouraged me. My Dad asked me never to come to him for any assistance again.  Because I had nowhere to eat from, I continued sneaking to his house. My Dad had four wives and each of them had her own house, so Mama could smuggle food for me into her house to eat. One day when she had smuggled food for me and I had actually finished eating and was getting on my way, my Dad met me and again wanted to beat me. I ran and sneaked away and looked for a way out of him fulfilling what he promised, that he would kill me. God made a way for me to run.

Most of my Dad’s property was in my name, being the eldest son and he changed everything.  But, I wasn’t interested in anything as Jesus had become King over my heart and all things looked to have no value compared to Him. My Dad cursed me and did all sorts of things to stop my future in God. He failed in all his schemes, glory to Jesus, who turns curses into blessings. Because of this, I eventually found myself in the hands of a pastor, who welcomed me with open hands and started helping me spiritually and sometimes also meeting my physical needs. I thank God for him so much.2.-Bulopa-Crusade.JPG

I started desiring ministry after seeing many preachers get people saved. I remembered my first day in God when the preacher said God can use you even me, as He is now using me. One day, when I went to visit a pastor on a Sunday Service I found the Church was open and there was a lady there who was possessed by demons. I laid my hands on her and the devils started manifesting. This brought much confirmation to me that God can use me.  One of the miracles that encouraged me to press in for Jesus more is, I had a preaching engagement in a far place. We actually had to walk for over 250 miles to preach and the pulpit was an ant-hill. My shoes where worn out so I asked my youngest brother to give me his shoes. They were very small so I closed my eyes and prayed for the shoes and the put in my feet and they fitted me so well. I praised Jesus because I knew God was powerful and could take care of all my needs.

I came to Kampala shortly after my conversion to seek for a job. I did get one and I was working as a machine operator in an audio cassette firm in the assembling section. After one year the Lord spoke to me to join a certain man of God in ministry. I asked him many questions, including how am I going to be getting my needs met? He told me God would provide. Preaching then things were somehow different as we went through a tough time of lack.

What we could only afford was rotten grinded corn flour. There were maggots in there, but to us this was also a miracle. Thank God it didn’t affect us in any way, but we just enjoyed what God had placed before us. This went on for a long time, then came my promotion as the evangelist of the Church. After one year again I was promoted to assistant pastor. I worked for this ministry for 4 years and then the Lord told me to start Africa Revival Ministries to reach Africa for Jesus.

I did this for one year as the doors were opening all over as many pastors were joining with my evangelistic and revival crusades and conferences. God was healing the people and setting the captives free. As this was going on, the Lord spoke to me in 2004 to open up a Church in West Kampala in Busega to be my base. I did it by faith. He told me to look for a house and put the structure in the compound. The owner of the land wanted much money, which I had never even had in my life. But, God touched a lady whom we ministered to. She had an issue of blood healed and she gave me exactly the money we needed.

Then on the 13th January 2004 I began with just five people inside the house before putting the structure in the compound. God started bringing people in. The devil wasn’t happy because at that time many churches were failing because of the much witchcraft.  The Churches had failed to penetrate the stronghold in the community, so we started praying and fasting and also trusting for His Grace.

The witch doctors started to come in the Church structure and place their powers in the Church. I announced and said that Jesus can never be bewitched and warned the people responsible to be ready to receive God’s judgement if they didn’t change and stop fighting God. They didn’t stop. One man who was a great witch and a Muslim brought the witch things again into the Church. He died the following day! Fear gripped them all. But, what happened here is his wife got saved and his two daughters. Hallelujah!

People started coming to the Church and we started to grow numbers. God told me to buy some plastic chairs and each time we brought in new chairs, many new people would come to the Church, some visiting and some joining. By His Grace we have grown from five to over 250 members.

We Love Jesus so much.  I am happily married to Grace, we have 3 children and one unborn and we also have an adopted daughter.

God richly bless you.