There are many “voices” we can hear and follow in this modern-day world in which we live. The underlying reason that many people are becoming out of control in our communities today, is no doubt because of the many ‘voices’ that they listen to every day. If you’re a young adult you will probably hear the ‘voice of independence’ telling you that you should do your own thing! For example, a common ‘voice’ that young people hear is, “If it feels good DO IT! The end result of course, is that that type of attitude leads to our actions simply creating another person who is out of control! The abuse of drugs, alcohol, partying, addiction to pornography, illicit sex, and so on, are all things that loudly says to others, “Hey, I’m out of control”!

You may ask, what is the deep seated thing that motivates us as a result of hearing and responding to a particular ‘voice’? If you’re not hearing God’s Voice, then all other voices must come from the wrong source? My wife and I were recently discussing the subject of contentment – we had attended a meeting where the speaker spoke on same – we concluded that by allowing ourselves to listen repeatedly to any one of the many of the worldly ‘voices’ that are clammering for our attention every day, that the major effect that it has on people is to cause them to become discontent with their lot in life! Paul said, “…godliness with contentment is great gain.”(1 Tim 6:6)

Discontent comes when we respond to the ‘voice’ that we listen to most. Remember, the whole point of modern-day advertising is to make us discontent with our present life – SPOUSE, HOUSE, JOB, CAR, FOOD, CLOTHING, or whatever!! Discontented people are always seeking change. They invariably make changes without much thought for the future! This only engenders heaps of trouble and leads to more discontent!  Maybe a good reason we have so many ‘Church-hoppers’ is the problem of discontent!

The Voice that we, as Christians, should most hear and respond to is the VOICE OF GOD!  We know that we can only hear Him in our innermost being as a ‘still small voice” when we spend time quietly with Him! This can only lead to contentment. Yet, we always seem to find it difficult to make the time to sit and “wait on God” – I know I’m often guilty in that regard.  We need to do this if we are to find the answers we need to help us in live a contented and controlled life. Oh, life would be so much less difficult if we were to set time aside to learn to listen to HEAR AND KNOW THE VOICE OF GOD!! Psalm 62:5-6 “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation.”

Whatever we see as our spiritual and physical needs regarding the desires of our heart, not only for ourselves, but for our marriage, family, friends and church, the SECRET of our SUCCESS is to WAIT on our Father God! Isn’t that what servants do, wait upon their masters? If we can discipline ourselves and learn to hear from God, then discontent will be no longer our portion!  Should we not choose to do that, we are simply people out of His control.

If we long to hear from Him and apply His principles for success, it means that we never make quick and rash decisions that we later regret. Eccl 8:5 says, “He who obeys a command will meet no harm, and the mind of a wise man will know the time and the way.” Good advice for all who desire to live in what is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, enables us to live self-controlled lives, if we allow Jesus to take the wheel, so to speak. We can do this by adopting the Christian lifestyle and with His help, live at peace with both men and God.

Copyright © Fred Grigg  July 2014